Technical Committees

AMIF has seven internal technical committees to discuss matters relevant to the forestry sector in Minas Gerais, promote and foster the growth and competitiveness of activities related to the planted forest-based industry of its associates, advocate for and transform interests and needs into results. Follow along:

Sustainable Management Committee:

This committee aims to bring together key representatives from the associates to identify short, medium, and long-term demands focused on the sustainability of forest plantations and technological innovations for the sector. It also addresses the needs of companies before government agencies.

Energy Committee:

The goal of the Energy Committee is to innovate in the energy sector, breaking down the entire wood chain and its by-products with a focus on the circular economy and the carbon market. Additionally, the committee is interested in sustainable and technological innovations.

Property Security Committee:

The Property Security Committee gathers representatives from the associates with the objective of ensuring the asset security of the companies. The committee maintains active relationships with municipal, state, and federal entities, as well as develops cooperative prevention and combat of forest fires programs.

Sectoral Communication Committee:

The Committee brings together professionals from the sector to discuss and develop action plans aimed at disseminating the brand (branding) of the forestry agribusiness in Minas Gerais. Additionally, the Committee discusses and approves seasonal campaigns, events, and other strategies to make the planted forest sector increasingly admired by society in Minas Gerais and nationally.

ESG Committee:

The ESG Committee gathers professionals from the forestry agribusiness in Minas Gerais to maximize actions related to the environment, society, and good management practices in the corporate environments of the companies associated with AMIF. The committee is responsible for delving into ESG agenda topics and seeking solutions for implementing indicators in the three areas that make up the acronym, such as events, courses, workshops, among others.

Political and Environmental Affairs Committee:

The Political and Environmental Affairs Committee brings together professionals from the legal sector of the forestry agribusiness in Minas Gerais to analyze and prepare documents related to environmental legislation, tax legislation, and green finance to engage the private sector with the government.

Legal Affairs Committee:

The committee is responsible for promoting debates and providing guidance on legal topics relevant to the effective streamlining of the forestry sector in Minas Gerais.