Hello! We would like to introduce ourselves.

We are the Minas Gerais Forestry Industry Association (AMIF - Associação Mineira da Indústria Florestal).

In Minas Gerais, we represent the main companies in the planted forest sector. Among our associates are the largest steel mills and charcoal ferroalloys companies, enterprises in the pulp and paper segment, as well as those in panels, wood sheets, and laminate flooring; reforestation companies, investment funds, solid wood producers, among others.

We work in favor of the interests of the forestry agribusiness in Minas Gerais and forest producers, who are engaged in environmentally sustainable activities, generating jobs, and contributing significantly to the country’s economy, with a particular emphasis on Minas Gerais, the state with the largest area of planted forests in Brazil.

We engage in effective dialogues with the government of the state of Minas Gerais and other public and private organizations to promote and strengthen the forestry sector, whether in the political, regulatory, or economic spheres.

Additionally, our team participates in Technical Chambers, Councils, Committees, and specific meetings within and outside of Minas Gerais to assist in the development and implementation of fundamental guidelines for the forestry sector in Minas.

We are an association that keeps a strong focus on defending the production of wood from sustainably planted forests, following renewable and legal practices. All this is aimed at strengthening agribusiness in generating wealth for Minas Gerais and Brazil.

The forestry agribusiness in Minas Gerais

The state of Minas Gerais holds the top position in the ranking of planted forests in Brazil, with 2.3 million hectares.

The leadership of Minas Gerais plantations represents 24% of the entire forest base in Brazil
and is almost double the planted area in the state of São Paulo, the second-ranked, with 1.2 million hectares.

The aforementioned data is part of a groundbreaking survey conducted by the Brazilian Tree Industry (Ibá – Indústria Brasileira de Árvores), in partnership with AMIF and other representative state associations in the sector.


Furthermore, the latest report published by AMIF in 2021 (with data from the 2020 base year) revealed that the forestry agribusiness in Minas Gerais generates over 115 thousand direct and indirect jobs, benefiting around 615 thousand people through self-funded and incentivized socio-environmental projects.


The sector also conserves 1.3 million hectares in Minas Gerais in Permanent Preservation Areas (APPs – Áreas de Preservação Permanente), Legal Reserves (RLs – Reservas Legais), Private Natural Heritage Reserves (RPPNs – Reservas Particulares do Patrimônio Natural), and programs for the restoration of degraded areas.


This conservation is the result of economic development aligned with environmental preservation, as planted forests and native forests coexist in mosaics that strengthen the sector’s productivity and the protection of nature itself.

AMIF is the trees. AMIF is agriculture. AMIF is the sector that plants sustainability to harvest a better future!