Our history

With a new visual identity, an increased number of affiliated companies, strong partnerships with other organizations and the government of Minas Gerais, along with a skilled team and a dedicated Board of Directors, AMIF now works to promote the sector of planted trees, the largest agricultural culture in Minas Gerais, making it increasingly innovative and close to the people.

Next, learn about our mission, purpose, vision, and values. Come join our team!

  • Our mission

    To represent and lead the Planted Forest Industry of Minas Gerais in promoting an environment conducive to competitiveness and sectoral development based on sustainable practices.

  • Our purpose

    To drive the green economy in the development of Minas Gerais.

Our vision

To establish ourselves as a model of leadership in representing the Planted Forest Industry of Minas Gerais.

Our vision for 2030

To make the Planted Forest Industry of Minas Gerais admired by the people of the state.

Our values


Foundation and grounding in our positions


Assertive relationships


Convergence of collective interests for sector development




Respect and care


Transparency with responsibility